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Bike repair services

Cyclepath can come to you.


We are a mobile mechanic service in case work doesn’t allow you to make it to the shop on time.




Bike mechanic service and repair throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey. Equipped with a mobile shop that allows to take care of your ride on the spot, saving you time, and hassle. Just call us and we’ll be right over.


Service Price Sheet



Safety Check-Up Diagnostic consultation and safety check-up. $25.00*

Tune-Up Verification and adjustment of all components of your bike. Includes drivetrain cleaning, tire pressure check, and wheel tune-up.


Complete Overhaul Complete disassembly, cleaning and lube of all components, and rebuilding of the bike.

From frame $95.00
Transfer parts from old bike $110.00
Bike from box (shipped bike) $45.00
Complete bike (degreased, scrubbed, and power washed)
(15.00 when combined with other service)
Deep cleaning (same as regular + disassembling of drivetrain)
(25.00 when combined with other service)
Bike Fitting
Riding a properly fitted bike is important to avoid pain to your back, shoulder, legs and arms. It can also improve your performance by giving you more power and endurance.
Adjust front or rear derailleur $10.00
Adjust/straighten rear derailleur hanger $10.00
Install front or rear derailleur $15.00
Install chain $8.00
Replace freewheel/cassette $10.00
Replace chainring(s) $20.00
Install shifters $18.00
Install shifter cable (inner wire only) $10.00
Install shifter cable & housing $15.00
Cantilever, V and U-break, and cable disk brakes
Adjust Brakes $8.00
New Pads $10.00
Install Cable $10.00
Install Cable & Housing $14.00
Install Brake Lever $12.00
Install Brake Caliper $12.00
Install Disc Brake Pads $12.00
Install Disc Brake $25.00
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Adjust brakes $8.00
Install new pads $10.00
Install brake lever + bleeding $20.00
Install brake caliper + bleeding $20.00
Install disc brake pads $12.00
Install disc brake pre bleed $25.00
Bleeding $15.00
Install tire or tube $8.00
Adjust hub $10.00
Overhaul hub $15.00
Wheel tune-up $15.00


Repairs and Parts Installation
If your bicycle has specific problems that need to be addressed, please contact us for a price estimate.
*Prices do not include spare parts.