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Our shuttle is complementary with our Team Support service and a guided or self-guided service. We are outfitted with tools, top of the line bike racks and entertainment.


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We offer private point to point mountain bike tours of the Santa Cruz mountains and Monterey. We can show you nothing, but the best epic trails.



Or if you are you comfortable reading a map and doing your own repairs?

You can also choose a self guided tour.


We provide you with tools for self support, water and a map for only $20 with a complementary shuttle to the mountain bike trails in Santa Cruz, and Monterey.


We work by appointment. You decide where you want to go explore!

Minimum 5 person group to run the shuttle.




Enjoy some epic shuttle oriented point to point enduro trails.


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From technical advanced riding to a friendly user trails.


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We have the local knowledge to tailor the rides to your skill level, so you can have a good time.


West Side Santa Cruz, CA


Call us to set up an appointment?


Get the local knowledge for an epic enduro point to point ride anywhere in Santa Cruz or Monterey county.


Little Moab trail in Monterey, CA

Little Moab trail in Monterey, CA


Prices are for guided tours, $50 for the first hour and $25 thereafter each hour, with a complementary shuttle from wherever you are!




We can meet you at the bottom of the parks in Santa Cruz and Monterey county trails or we can come to you with a bike of choice to embark on a tour for a great time.

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