Aptos, Santa Cruz, Monterey

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13 Mile downhill cruise

This is a popular park that allows biking!

Ride and cruise 15 miles from a top of the park to Aptos with mostly downhill still getting a workout out of it!

The forest is nice and dense with shady open sunlit areas, making it pleasant on those hot sunny days under the canopy of tall redwood trees. Cruise and enjoy the views of ferns, moss, ivy, and wildflowers with relaxing sounds of the rushing creek.

The dirt road is both easy and hard; even though it is from top to bottom, there are small hills to climb as you descend. The dirt road can get fast downhill, so keep in mind that there are pot holes, so be careful riding through the park.

Wearing layers is a good idea; even though It’s a mostly shady ride with cooler temperatures under the redwoods, it’s a perfect spot for the unseasonably warm temps that we happen to get from time to time.

This ride is great for beginner cyclist that just wants to have fun experiencing the views and have more energy afterwards to enjoy the rest of the day.

This ride can take up to 2.5hrs of fun.

Redwood forest


Bring your friends and family for a great experience!